Who we are

Visual Bio is the worldwide leader in mobile biometrics authentication, creating a secure world where identities can no longer be stolen, and individuals and companies are in full control of their digital and physical assets.

Our solutions eliminate reliance on ATM cards, PINs and tokens so that employees and customers can authenticate from smartphones reducing the threat of fraud and cyberattacks.

Using biometrics—your face, touchID, four fingers, voice—YOU become the password to keep data private, secure and convenient to access and store.

We developed the global standard for biometrics-based identity authentication, called VOPS, the Biometric Open Protocol Standard. We contributed the VOPS protocol to the IEEE and it is now the approved international standard for biometric-identity assertion.

With a BOPS compliant framework, we offer the only end-to-end, enterprise-grade platform that validates those accessing data are who they say they are.

Our Industries

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Use cases

  • Keyless/cardless entry into offices, vaults and branches.
  • Secure/encrypted communication with customers.
  • Eliminating insurance and ID cards at doctor offices.
  • Safer for customers by enabling authorized driver authentication via biometrics.
  • Shielded digital files and content, encrypted via biometric authentication.
  • No need for usernames and passwords to pull up more than 15,000 websites by using biometric authentication on smartphones.

Client Ration

Finanance 93%
Healthcare 100%
Enterprise 78%
Media & Entertainment 80%
Consumer 83%

Client Says

"The biometric machine is such a great piece of technology. It saves a great amount of time. It is a pleasure to work with Insyssky in this project. The customer service is super. They are always there to assist with any of question anytime. Every problem is dealt with and a solution is provided immediately."
Director-John Doe, Everton Inc.