We are creating a secure world where identities can no longer be stolen, and individuals and companies are in full control of their digital and physical assets.

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Use cases

  • Keyless/cardless entry into offices, vaults and branches.
  • Secure/encrypted communication with customers.
  • Eliminating insurance and ID cards at doctor offices.
  • Safer for customers by enabling authorized driver authentication via biometrics.
  • Shielded digital files and content, encrypted via biometric authentication.
  • No need for usernames and passwords to pull up more than 15,000 websites by using biometric authentication on smartphones.

Client Ration

Finanance 93%
Healthcare 100%
Enterprise 78%
Media & Entertainment 80%
Consumer 83%

Client Says

“The biometric machine is such a great piece of technology. It saves a great amount of time. It is a pleasure to work with Insyssky in this project. The customer service is super. They are always there to assist with any of question anytime. Every problem is dealt with and a solution is provided immediately.”
Director-John Doe, Everton Inc.