Building disruptive technology for consumers and businesses that safeguard identity, giving you near-effortless access to digital assets and physical property. We currently hold 35 patents and patents pending.


  • Leverages the smartphone to acquire and process biometric data in seconds to authenticate an identity
  • Enables biometric authentication secured by our innovative, patent-pending Liveness technology
  • Works with the Visual Open Protocol Standard (VOPS) server software to integrate with other organizations and protect against attacks
  • Keeps biometrics linked with your credentials using military-grade encryption and visual/binary cryptography .

Why is the VisualBioID technology unique?

  • We capture all major biometrics using smartphone technology. Companies can choose their preferred combination
  • We have methods to verify that all biometrics are live and genuine
  • We have a complete, end-to-end authentication platform—built on VOPS, which was invented by Visual_Bio and is now the only biometric standard adopted by IEEE
  • We don’t require any additional hardware. That makes our solutions low cost, adding zero weight/volume and will work on almost any smartphone




VOPS is a pluggable component that can be hosted on your enterprise's cloud server or AWS. VOPS is comprised of a set of rules that governs secure communications among a variety of client devices, including mobile phones, desktop computers and ATMs. It is a trusted server managing the acquisition and manipulation of biometric data captured by those devices. VOPS is built on the Visual Open Protocol Standard.


Our 1V SDK is a pluggable biometric identity-assertion component that is easily integrated into iOS and Android applications. This SDK contains facial and fingerprint recognition, Liveness detection and the APIs needed to communicate with a VOPS-compliant server.


One of the most secure biometric authentication technologies available today, 4F delivers unparalleled precision and reliability with commonly-available smartphone hardware. 4F captures four fingerprints simultaneously with an intuitive user interface.